Welcome to my Quest

Hi I am Sarah Johnston and I am learning how to blog at the age of 76. I have a food blog set up here for me www.grandmasimpsonskitchen.com. I am trying to understand the world of blogging. Someone suggested to me to keep track of this journey. So here I am. I had my daughter set up a second blog for me only for the journey into the world of blogging

The terms and technology go way beyond my scope of knowledge. I am on a quest to learn the world of blogging and how it all works. Each time I discover new terms, how to apply them to this blog thing and how they work. I want to record my logs of findings. What it took me to find them, how I had to search, and what new techniques I learned along the way.


I feel nobody will ever read a word I write but to keep an online journal into the new and un-stepped world of the Internet I decided the only way to do this was dig right in. I guess that is why there is a site on here named Digg. You can dig right in and find what you want and need.

The Quest Begins

I am stumbling along this long road to technology of the 21st century not knowing the first thing about computers, I only know how to play one game on my computer and it never talks back to me and tells me if I am wrong or right. I can win or lose and start over if I want. But seems in Blogging if you do not win you lose and there is no starting over again.


I am doing this journal for all the old folks out there like me who are stumbling through the Internet as blind as I am. Trying to understand how to use a Search Engine, what it means to have links, back links, SEO and all the other 63 plus features we should know about and need to understand. As I learn each new step and feature and what it means to blogging I will record my journey along the dark side of the Internet. I feel like this new adventure is like Star Wars and the Dark Side. I have no idea if there will ever be a light at the end of this journey.

If you are of my age and want to go on a quest please come along with me. I will try and lead the way through the Dark Side of the Internet attempting to open the door to the light and what is beyond. I look forward to you following me along this dark patch and hope one day we can see the light together.

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