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Posted on July 21, 2011


Internet Search Twitter

Blogger have a wonderful opportunity to use the search function on Twitter. This function can tell you what people are tweeting about. With the knowledge you learned from Twitter you can create your articles, points of interest, and campaigns around the Tweets.

 Being new to the Internet I have read that many bloggers now use Tweeter to search for interesting topics to write about on their blog sites. I am a senior citizen and wanted to know about other senior citizens who blog and some of the problems they have in learning how to blog.

 In Internet you can use Google and type in the search box “twitter search”. You will find the search twitter or the advanced search twitter. The advanced search has many fields to narrow down your searches. The search twitter is a general search and can display your searches. I find the search twitter feature is easier to use.

 Twitter Search:

 Searching Twitter on Senior Citizen Blogger renders nothing but remarks from the younger generation of today. Such remarks are shocking and not geared only towards the “senior citizens” but the parents too. Do you know what your children are doing? Do you know what they think of you? Recent Tweets from Twitter:

  •  Granny bullshittin wit da kush, unacceptable. Today is not my day wit the senior citizens.
  • 3 senior citizen atMetroCentersinging My Girl “sounds good tho”
  • Did you JUST figure that out a yr ago? I started about 15 yrs ago, learned the trick from my Mom & senior citizen in general
  • I’m about to knock one of these senior citizen heads off I Stop trying to run me over
  • How about we all cycle 94.7 together. I don’t mind cycling with u senior citizens
  • Next year I can legally talk to anyone I want senior citizens here I come lmfao
  • The wealthiest nation on earth is not actually obliged to starve our senior citizen. We don’t…….
  • How bout senior citizen at a Beach Boys concert?
  • Think is just for Senior Citizen? Think Again –
  • I had fun with the senior citizen today! I love old ppl they be something else
  • Is BHO planning to use Fema Camps to (Eliminate) senior citizens, and (troublemakers)??
  • Okay its almost 9:30 where is my mama, she know senior citizens have bedtimes
  • The Ultimate Senior Citizen Online Dating Guide lean How to Meet and Date Online When You are a Senior Citizen
  • All Senior citizens should have life alert!!!!!
  • At this senior citizens home lol
  • Just knocked over like 9 senior citizens & 6 babies in my haste to get off the bus. Not really but deboarding count not have come fast enough
  • Senior citizen can not eat cat food for the rest of their lives. Do not touch SS or Medicaid
  • We understand yall senior citizen need your rest….children…pshh….
  • HAHAHA Vietnamese senior citizens DAATTTTS FUUURRRNNNYYY
  • I flirt with senior citizens about 2 hours ago via Twitter for Android
  • Texting for senior citizen WAITT – Who am I talking to? GGLKI – Gotta go, laxative kicking in
  • Texting for senior citizen HGBM – Had good bowel movement IMHO – Is my hearing aid on TTYL – Talk to you louder
  • Texting for senior citizens FWIW – Forgot where I was GGPBL – Gotta go. Pacemaker battery low GHA – Got heartburn again
  • I honestly don’t know how long a country that’s afraid of senior citizen and food supplies can last
  • I like the idea of Senior Citizens saying to Republicans. “We’ll put up our pensions for cuts; if you put up your billionaires’ for taxes”
  • I’m also tired of senior citizens being da only ones getting discounts at fast food places dey old ass don\t need dat shit! Give me dat!
  • Texting for senior citizens ATD – At the Doctors BFF – Best friends funeral BTW – Bring the wheelchair
  • Just saw a group of senior citizens hula hooping on the sidewalk
  • Geez never thought senior citizens could be so aggressive on the road. This lady straight cut me off at a stop light and flipped me off
  • I live with cheap ass senior citizens
  • Excuse me. They are senior citizens. If they fell, they could break a hip


 What happened to the morals our parents taught us when we were growing up? For some reason they have disappeared in the younger generation of today. I am 76 years old and learning how to blog for the first time. I have been forced to join social media networks and this has really opened my eyes.

 Social Networks:

 From my understanding the Twitter network was set up as a social media network to connect people together through Tweets. A social network where you can find out the latest news as it happens through 140 character text messages called Tweets. Now anyone who owns a cell phone can send and receive Tweets if they have an account.

 For businesses, Websites, and Blog sites this social media can help in promoting new products, articles, and upcoming news for your company. For the young with cell phone it is a social media to send messages about their relationships, complaints about their parents, their sexual encounters, who they are dating today and how it changed tomorrow.

 Facebook bands accounts under the age of 18 each day. Facebook social network understand that the young abuse this social media by placing photos of parties, how drunk a person is, and what ever else they think is amusing. They do not care who they ask to be friends they only want to share their photos to amuse others. I am not interested in seeing some young child crawling around on the floor drunk and throwing up.


 I feel parents today are over worked and do not spend quality time with their children. They buy cell phones for them to keep in touch but they have no idea what they are doing with these phones. Parents have no idea what text message they send out, what they send to Twitter, and who they talk to for hours on the phone.

 Children today know there parents are busy and do not have time to spend with them. They also understand that they will not take their cell phones and check all their text messages. They feel they have freedom to create social media account and send Tweets about their parents over the Internet. This pleases them and they feel it is one way to strike back at their parents and not get caught. Parents have no idea what username their child has created on Twitter and what they are Tweeting about.

 Internet Chat Rooms:

 Internet Chat rooms is another social gathering zone for teenagers. Child abusers, stockers, and others alike monitor these local chat rooms searching for lonely teenagers. They engage in conversations with these young children comforting them and offering their loving advice so the teenager thinks. These stockers win the confidence of these children while turning them against their parents. Once they feel they have the child’s confidence they start to make their move. The stalker talks the child into leaving home, meeting them for a short time, and offering to take the child in to live with them.

 Parents wonder why their teenagers’ have run away from home. They have no idea what they are doing on the Internet. They believe they are working on their homework, searching for information on a school project or chatting with a friend. Today parents are forced to give more responsibility to their children. Children are left home alone for hours waiting for their parents to come in from work. What do they do with their time? They join chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, and text on their cell phones.

 Our children of today:

 I now see children of 11 and 12 years old with cell phones and social media accounts. I do not believe parents should allow this to happen. I believe there is an age limit to all and allowing your children the freedom of the Internet is not one. Internet should be controlled and restricted to parental supervision. When your child is done check the history logs, see where they were, find out what they were doing. Make your children safe do not allow them to control you and send Tweets about you behind your back. We need to keep the young innocent a few years longer and not let them grow up so fast. Just remember when you were young you did not have Internet and your parents had a few more rules for you to follow.

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