27 Top Reasons to Considering Guest Blogging

Posted on July 12, 2011


One of the most often asked questions by new Bloggers are how to be noticed and get traffic to their blog. There are hundreds of methods but the most effective is Guest Blogging. Writing guest posts helps you make contact with other Bloggers and offers you free reviews of your content. Using other Blogger’s suggestions can improve your post quality and the quality of your Blog.

 Why would Guest Blogging help you get traffic to your site? Writing a guest post for popular blogs has many benefits. You are not writing for yourself you are building your portfolio and credibility. You are earning the trust of people showing them you are reliable.

Recently I have done a few guest posts which have sparked a new interest for me. Guest posts allow me to feel free and express myself in different ways. When I first submitted a article to another blog as a guest blogger I was very nervous. I was afraid what I had to say would not matter. Now I see a new light and what a warm response I have received by the community of the guest blog I submitted my article to. You should consider guest blogging you will encounter a new world out there and meet many new people

 Top 27 benefits for guest blogging:

 1.     Attracts visitors to your blog site

 Distributing your well written content to popular blogs has the possibility to be seen by thousands of readers. Most popular blogs are visited by their subscribers hungry for new information and content to read.

 When guest posting we have to make the post outstanding to attract their readers to our blog. Each sentence needs to be fully thought out, formatting is critical to your post, and grammar errors are not acceptable.

 Each guest post gives you link backs to your blog site. The link backs to your blog brings more targeted visitors to your site. The relationship built with guest blogging helps to get your blog noticed. The blog site that you guest post on will help in promoting your site through tweets, notifying other bloggers in the inner circle, and promoting your new products. Relationships and social networking is what promotes your blog and makes it popular.

 2. Establish and earns respect as an expert in your field

 Today there are million of websites and blogs on the Internet. It is not easy to be trusted by visitors to your blog site. More blogs are set up each day trying to sell products to earn money. Remember you can not been seen by your visitors and trust is the most import issues they are looking for.

 Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to be seen by other bloggers in your niche, earn the trust of their visitor, and the opportunity to improve your writing skills. Building your trust and reputation through your guest post supplying valuable information will increase traffic to your blog.

 3. Helps build link popularity to your Blog

 Search engines place importance on the number of links that point to your site. Google ranks on links from other sites and site directories. The more sites that link to your site increases your ranking with search engines. When ranking is increased the traffic to your site increases gaining more sales and subscribers.

 Choosing the right blog to submit your guest post to is important. The higher quality links that point to your site your ranking increase with search engines. Guest blogging at popular blogs increases the popularity of links to your site.

 4. Guest Blogging increases search engine rankings

 When submitting your guest post most blogs allow you a by-line at the bottom of your post. This is the most important information that you can write in your guest post. This one should be well thought out and take your time when writing this. The small information that you supply will bring the traffic to your site.

 If the content you have written for your guest post receives thousands of views and comments this will increase the traffic to your site. You will see how social media can help direct more traffic to your site. You not only receive comments on your content, you add to your creditability that brings visitors to your site.

 A new blog site can take months to be discovered by search engine spiders. If you write your best content and submit it for a guest blog you will not have to wait months for your blog site to be discovered. Instead you can gain immediate traffic to your blog plus the valuable links to your site.

 5. Allows you to share your content with a larger audience

The blog site your guest post appears on has a unique audience. This allows you to be exposed to a new audience that reads your content. The new audience will give you other ideas of how to improve your content by the comments they post. Receiving different view points will help to improve your authority and see what readers are interested in.

 6. Broadens your resources by getting to know others in your niche

 Guest posting exposes you to others in your niche. Before people in your niche did not know you were there. With guest blogging this tells others inside your niche that you are there. Allows others in the same niche to view your blog, link to your blog, ask you to guest post on their blog, and builds relationships that are important for you in the blog spear.

 7. Communicate in various new circles

 The exposure of your guest blogging brings attention to various people in the inner circle of your niche. If the content is well written, informative, and has something to offer others people in the inner circle will be interested in what you have to say. Guest blogging opens a new door to relationships and building communications with other bloggers in your niche.

 8. Branding or Brand Exposure

 Branding is very important to blogging. This tells people who you are and what your product is. Guest blogging exposes your brand to a wider audience. In the byline your brand is exposed, who you are, and your blog link will be seen by their readers. This exposure helps to build your brand name and authority.

9. Helps to build your subscribers listing

 Just entering the blogging world for the first time is hard to be noticed. There are so many new blogs appearing each day it is hard to find yours. Now that it is possible to have a blog for free thousands of people are starting their own blog sites. With guest blogging this tells the audience of the guest site who you are. The readers if they are interested in what you have to say will visit your blog through the link in your byline. This leads to new subscribers to your blog.

 10. Cost effective

 If you do not have money to spend on advertising guest blogging can do this for you. It can advertise your blog for free. The audience that is attracted to the guest blog where your post appears on will be exposed to you and your blog site. This leads to more exposure for your site for free. The only cost to you is the time it takes to research your guest post and write content the audience will be interested in.

 11. Attracts returning visitors to your site

 You have written your best content and submitted your content to another blog as a guest poster.  The audience loves your content. They start to regard you as an authority in your niche. They are interested in what you have to say.

 This audience will visit your blog on a regular basis to see what you are writing about. They will be interested in following your advice and visiting your blog to read your content. Guest blogging builds relationships and returning visitors to your site.

 12. More exposure and increased visibility

 With guest blogging your name is seen more. You are exposed to a wider audience and group of bloggers. Do not forget that popular blogs have an inner circle of other blogger.

 If you make an impression on the guest blog site the owner of this site will speak about you to his other friends. The bloggers from other sites will come to his site to see what you have to say. They will take interest in you.

 This can lead to other bloggers in your niche following you to see what you do. It is important to continue to guest post on this blog site when ever possible. The more your name is seen on one site the better your chances of exposure will be.

 13. Quality content check

 When submitting your content to a guest blog the owner of the blog will review your content. He will make suggestions for changes, give valuable advice to you on what he feels is good and what is bad. You have the chance to have free advice on improving your content. Take all the advice from a pro blogger and follow what he says. This only improves your chances to gain popularity for your post and respect from him.

 14. Introduces you to new niches you might not have known existed before

 With guest blogging you are introduced to a new blogs. You have the opportunity to view the contents, learn about their niche, and examine how this new niche can work with yours  Products and service can be interchanged and a wider possibility of finding new contacts exists when you guest blog.

 15. Introduces you to new possibilities and business partners

 Guest blogging can open new business opportunities for you. The exposure you are receiving on the guest blog can establish a potential business partnership with another blog owner. If you never guest blogged this person would not have found you. Guest blogging gives you exposure to others in your niche and introduces you to a new group of potential partnership that you did not have before

 16. Attracts quality traffic to your blog

 When guest blogging on another blog in your niche the subscribers of that blog will visit your blog if you have something attractive to say to them. The qualities of new site visitors are in your niche. If you try to attract visitors to your blog from link building the quality of visits are not the same. If you join a link building website the quality of visits to your site are not the same as guest blogging. In link building website each person who joins is there for a reason. They are only visiting your site to fulfill the requirements needed to earn visitors to their site.

 17. Helps to build your social media profile

With guest blogging others in your niche will read your post. They will become interested in you. The interest will extend much further than reading your post. The interest will help in building your on line media profile with Twitter, Digg, Mixx, and StumpleUpon. The social media sites are largely determined by your ability to become a power user or know and develop a relationship with a power user. Top bloggers are considered power users and guest blogging on their site bring attention to your blog

 18. Allows you to find out what others think of you

 With guest blogging you will receive feed back on your post. You will see what people think of your ideas through the comments left. The owner of the blog will be in contact with you explaining your strong points and weak points. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all criticism to improve your content. Listen carefully to all criticism to improve your skills. Learn from what they say to you.

 19. Improves your writing skills

 When guest blogging for the first time do not expect your content to be accepted as is. The guest blog you are presenting your content to has a reputation to his subscribers. He may like your idea and your content but feels it is not up to his standard for his audience. Communication between you will establish and he may request you to change some of your content. Take his advice listen carefully to what he says. This advice will only improve your skills as a writer so next time you do not make the same mistakes.

 20. Builds your online portfolio

 Guest blogging is the perfect way to build your online portfolio. With each guest post you submit you build your creditability for an expert in your niche. People will start to respect you. The more you guest blog the higher your exposure and with each guest post your portfolio is building.

 21. Allows you the chance to change your writing style

 Each person has their own style of writing. You blog site reflects your writing style. With guest blogging you have the opportunity to change your style of writing. Allowing you to try something new like being daring or bold in your style. This may not work for all writers they might be afraid to try a new style. Who knows this new style of writing can be fun and very interesting for you.

22. Connections arise for new job opportunities or work

 The more you guest blog on one site the more exposure you will receive. The door can be open to possible new jobs in your field. People will read your content and know you are an expert in your field. Job offers such as being paid to write post for another blog, freelance writing jobs, and even the change to be part of the team of writers for the blog you are guest posting on.

 23. Teaches you to cater to a special audience

When writing for your own blog you post for your audience. You are learning what interest them and they like to read. But when guest blogging you are no longer writing for your audience you have to research the new audience on the guest blog. When submitting your content to the guest site you are catering to their audience. This is very important when guest blogging to research what they audience like. What interest them, read their comments, and write your content for them.

 24. Teaches you to engage with new people

 After your content is run on the guest blog you will need to interact with a new audience. You need to comment on this blog to this audience. You will have to learn a new technique when engaging with these people. When answering their comments think very carefully on what you will say. Do not try to be smart or act like you are on top of the world. This will hurt you and people will not respect you for these comments. You are earning respect for your field and comments that people see will tell them if you are trusted or not. Remember you want to attract new visitors to your site and one way to attract new visitors is through sincere answers to their comments on your post.

 25. Inspirational to see what others are doing

 Guest blogging make you spend time researching the blog that you want to send your content to. You will spend time reading post, comments from their audience, and see their style of writing. This is very inspirational for you and can teach you a lot about who this person is. You will have the opportunity to review this person through his posts and his work on the blog. Take your time and spend it wisely reviewing this blog. Learn their audience, review their writing style, and especially see the interaction they have with their audience.

 26. Teaches you new tactics and methods for interacting with your audience

 By participating on a guest blog you will learn how the A1 bloggers interact with their audience. You can learn how to structure your post for your audience. What your audience is hungry for and want to read. If you spend time to study the post, content, and structure you will learn how to interact with your audience. This will teach you new tactics to use when writing for your own blog and others.

 27. Product promotion

 By following the rules laid out by the blog you want to submit your guest post to will help you to promote your own products. If you are a regular guest blogger on this site you may ask for a favor in promoting your new product. Once the blog site knows you and you have proved to be an expert in your field they do not have a problem to help you promote your new product. This maybe in the form of tweets, a small announcement on their own blog site, or even asking other blogger in their circle to help promote your product.


 Guest blogging is one of the fastest ways to promote your new blog. Be seen by a new audience, prove you are trust worthy, and you are an expert in your niche. When you are a regular guest blogger on one site you are introduced to other blogger in your niche.

 By following the rules of guest blogging, not trying to promote yourself, adding links back to your site, and keeping on the subject you earn the respect from other. Your content will be viewed by a larger audience and you will earn the respect in your niche.

 Keep in mind that your content is important but also your byline. Each guest post the author is allowed a byline within reason. Think carefully about this byline. What you want to say. It is important to try and use one of your keywords when writing your byline on your guest post. The link back to you site will be included in your byline. Spend your time and consider carefully what to add in your byline.

 It might be wise before writing your byline see what others have written and how they use their keywords in this byline. You already know the importance of using keyword in your content of your guest post. It is just import to use one of your keywords in your byline. Pick one keyword you are tying to rank for. Each time you write guest posts use the same keyword. This gains you ranking with the search engines.

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