Free For the Taking $1570.00 in Advertising

Posted on July 8, 2011


Just starting out with a new Blog or Website you need traffic. What can you do to get noticed and traffic to your site? There are four ways to get traffic to your site:

  1.  Spend money on advertising
  2. Optimize for search engines
  3. Get your friends to promote it for you
  4. Guest Blogging

 Advertising can cost a lot of money and if you do not have the money what can you do? There is a simple solution to this problem. You can get free advertising for your site. How? Many Pay-Per-Click Search Engines want your business. They are willing to give you free clicks just for giving them a try.

 This is the perfect way to get started with your new Blog or Website. Many search engines only require a $0.01 bid for your keywords and $10 in free advertising credit represents 1.000 clicks to your site.

 Now the question is how do I do this? I have 20 search engines offering $1570.00 in free advertising. Some search engines require you to fund your account with a minimum deposit. While other search engines will credit your account just for signing up with them. None of these accounts are affiliate services and the offer is only on new accounts.

 20 Search Engines with Free Advertising and the Requirements:

 1.       Yahoo Small Business

 Yahoo Small Business offers $75 in free advertising. It is only valid for new advertisers opening a new account.  The $75 credit in search ad clicks is good for 90 days. You are responsible to monitor your account. If you go over your limit in the 90 day period your credit card will be charged. If you do not use the entire credit in the 90 day period you lose the credit.

 2.     ABC SearchBuilding e-Businesses

 Receive up to $100 in free advertising. The company will match your initial deposit up to $100 when signing up with them.

 3.     Findology

 Receive $50.00 in free advertising with a minimum deposit of $25.00 and bid of $0.03

 4.     1 Second

 Receive $100.00 in free advertising when you deposit $15.00 in your pay-per-click account. Special offer maybe repeated as many times as you like. Just deposit $15.00 in your account and they will add $100.00 until this offer expires.

 5.     Accumeta Advanced Metasearch

 Receive $40 in free search cash when you make an initial deposit of $20.


 Receive 250% bonus on your first deposit. If you deposit $10 into your account they will add an additional $25 to your account.

 7.     Best Fetch

 Receive $10 bonus in bidding cash for opening an account with as little as $5. They offer a 25% bonus on your first time deposit.

 8.     Brainy Search the Smart Search

 Receive double your deposit bonus with your new account. The amount of the bonus depends on the deposit you make into your account. If you deposit $200 they will add $200 to your account.

 9. Find Whatever in a Flash

 Receive $200 free advertising when you deposit $100 into your new account.

 10.   Find Launch

 Receive $25 free advertising credits when you open your new account

 11.   Harry Knows Service

 Receive $25 free advertising credits when you sign-up to start advertising your site.

 12.   Kwick Search Your Home Away from Home

 Receive $20 free advertising credit when you open your free account. No deposit is required.

 13.   My Search Vulture

 Receive $25 free advertising credit when you open your new account. A minimum opening deposit of $25 is required.

 14.   Search Spot

 Receive $200 free advertising credit with your new account. They offer to match your first deposit with them up to $200. The minimum opening deposit is $25

 15.   Search World

 Receive $100 free advertising credits when open your account. The minimum opening deposit is $50 but will match what ever deposit you put on your account up to $100.

 16.   Seek Hawk

 Receive $25 free advertising credits when you open your keyword bidding account.


 Receive up to $100 free advertising credit when you open your account. A minimum deposit of $25 is required but the companies will double the account amount up to $100 on new accounts.

 18.   Shopper Favorites

 Receive up to $100 free advertising when you open your account. A minimum deposit of $5 to open the account is required. The companies will double the amount up to $100 on new accounts.

 19.   Admanage

 Receive $50 in free clicks for advertising when signing up for a new account. Start up cost $25. When you start your first campaign use the code admbnr3a to receive your $50 credit.

 20.   Micro Jumps

 Receive $100 free advertising when you sign-up for a new account. Micro Jumps offers search box affiliate program paying 60% on bided clicks.

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