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Posted on July 8, 2011


Choosing a Blog Hosting site is confusing and complicated for anyone starting off especially Senior Citizens. We hear so much talk about WordPress. Today there are so many people offering free Blog Hosting and platforms.

Journal Bloggers:

  1. InsaneJournal a simple customizable online diary built on open source software from Danga Interactive. Allows creation of public account where people can post about a common subject. Offers email management, file manager, manage your settings, paid features, and account upgrade. In the free account you receive your own journal weblog and friends and syndicated feeds aggregator. All other account features are paid.
  2. JournalFen a journaling service for fans of movies, television, music and other forms of entertainment. Current their free account is turned off. The site is restricted to users 18 years of age and older. Paid account users are entitled to additional free journals. If you want to join JournalFen and know a paid user they may request a journal for you.
  3. LiveJournal has 39.3 million journals and communities. Open Minded and Open Source software. Features are not listed, offer multiple account types, ad-supported and paid.
  4. Aeonity is a free Blog hosting community where you may publish information instantly on your website and customize your blog to fit your personality. It basically works like an online journal, diary, weblog, or notepad and requires little or no technical background to update and maintain.
  5. Blogdrive blogging made easy. Publish your online journal or diary. Fully customized your blog pages instantly.

Diary Bloggers:

  1.  Open Diary start a new diary. Easy and free plus great way to connect with friends, keeps your life in order, and learns about yourself. Offers interactive diary with unlimited storage and posts.

Anonymously Bloggers:

  1.  Soul Cast blog without constraints for free. Blog anonymously, uncensored and without constraints. Write about your life and receive real feedback from people who get you.
  2. Experienceproject.com offers free powerful and anonymous blogs in seconds. Free easy to use blog where you can post your thoughts, photos, and surveys.

Travel Bloggers:

  1.  Blogabond for travel bloggers. The site is dedicated to world travelers to post photos, stories, and blog about your travels.
  2. Trippert for travel bloggers. Share your travels with the world, find new places to go, add photos and descriptions.

Text Messages and Camera Photo Bloggers:

  1.  BusyThumbs for text messages and camera phone images.

Video Bloggers:

  1.  FreeVolg keeping video blogging real easy. Currently working on a new FreeVolg site.

Education Bloggers:

  1.  Edublogs the world’s most popular education blogging service. Allows you to manage student and teacher blogs, quickly customize designs, videos, photos, and podcasts, safe, easy and secure. Uses the WordPress platform.
  2. ASUArizonaStateUniversity Blogs and Wikis.

Image Bloggers:

  1.  Blogster offer any image uploading, free hosting and sharing service for photos. You may upload as many digital images within the limits of your account.
  2. Zorpia.com offers blogging and unlimited storage of photos.
  3. My Opera blog and share your photos. Friends on Facebook and Twitter. Opera Link synchronizes your bookmarks.
  4. Image Hosting offers 1GB of bandwidth for Image uploads each month. Supported image formats png, jpg, jpeg, gif, and bmp. Maximum file size 1MB

Multi Themes Bloggers:

  1.  Bloggetary free blogs offer 170+ customizable theses, 40+ powerful plugins, free domain mapping, great community forums, use your own domain name for free, measure your blog traffic, great tool for writing, iPhone ready, and WordPress plugins. Offer paid accounts for photos blogs and pro accounts. Uses the WordPress software and themes.
  2. WordPress over 100 gorgeous themes, integrated stats system, great tool for writing, updates tags automatically adding global tag system, supports over 50 languages, supports sidebar widgets fro flickr, delicio, twitter, and more.
  3. Blog.com offers a great set of free features, handpicked themes to suit your blog persona multi-author blogs, widgets, service integration, your own domain name, multimedia support, privacy, help and support.
  4. Blogger up to the minute stats. Customize your design with templates, post test, photos, videos, simple to use interface, spell check features, add labels to your posts, saves it automatically, host your blog for free, options to change your URL for custom design.
  5. Braveapps.com shares your thoughts with Bravenet Blog. Offers themes, customized colors, tagboard, manage subscribers, photo cam, and friend’s list.
  6. Netcipia  create an online community for your customers, partners, and colleagues. Generate revenues by selling your expertise online. Free unlimited storage space with no ads. The first online participative suite with an integrated blog and a wiki.
  7. TBlog.com is about community. Creates blogs that people see, banner less blogging, full theme control, real time statistics, custom HRML, instant traffic to your free blog, blog subscriptions, and a lot more.
  8. Tumbir offers hundreds of gorgeous themes to choose from. Create original themes, mobileability, sophisticated email publishing, post anything, custom domains, photosets, keep things to yourself, bookmarklet, third party apps, high res-photos, Google optimized, use any analytics, no ads, automatically tweet, automatically update Tumbir, perfect for groups, publish to Facebook, community powered blogs, super configurable pages, and it is free.
  9. Xanga join millions of Bloggers who call Xanga home.
  10. 21Publish get your people blogging. Multi-User blogging made easy. Hosted, private labeled, secure, host unlimited number of blogs for your community members, instant use, no installation, central console to manage your members, and use your homepage to connect members.
  11. Atom5 Blog is a free blog hosting service. Start blogging today. Atom5 Blog is owned and operated by Shareup LLC is a new kind of Web log publishing system. You can easily build your blog.
  12. Blog-O-Matic free blog resources, blog hosting, free blogs, Based on WordPress Platform.
  13. Blog.ca free blog hosting allows uploading of photos, video, and individual design.
  14. BloggerTeam free domain, signup, and start your blog today.
  15. BlogHi create your own free Blog. All you need is an email address and follow the simple two steps sign up process. Browse the amazingly built blogs directory by language, topic, updates, and frequency.
  16. Blogigo you can get your own free and easy weblog. There is no special expertise necessary.
  17. Thoughts.com offers unlimited Bandwidth, upload unlimited photos, upload unlimited videos, Blog comments, profile comments, friends, following blogs, forums, podcasts, recommendation engine, live chat, message users, blog search, free polls, RSS feeds, and permalink.
  18. Technodes Blogs based on the WordPress platform offers free Blogs.
  19. Mars Blogger free Blog Hosting powered by WordPress MU.
  20. Freetheblog.com is a free Blog hosting company that offers a free Blog site, Blog Hosting, and Wall Street Journal Online.
  21. Blogsome free web hosting site for blogs. Fast and easy, choice of themes, upload photos, personalizes your design and more.

Blogs Hosted in Ireland:

  1.  Blogsome free fast and easy. Choice of themes based on WordPress, upload photos, and personalize your design.

Blogs Hosted in New Zealand:

  1.  Blogtown is aNew Zealand community site.

Blogs Hosted in UK:

  1.  Blog.co.uk creates free blog, uploading photos, videos, and individual design.
  2. 20six you own blog, easy as writing emails, more than 3500 layouts, blogging via mobile, and mail with friends.

Blog hosted in Danish:

  1.  blogs.dk is a blog hosting company for the Danish community of Bloggers

Sharing and Shopping with Friends Bloggers:

  1.  Multiply share your photos, videos, and blog posts safely. Get your read friends and family discussing them? Shop online from the multiply marketplace, and sell your product and services opening a free online store.

Website and Blog:

  1.  Weebly the easiest way to create a website and blog. Free, powerful and professional website building and blog experience.
  2. Zoom Share free websites, photo albums, blogs, email, file storage and social networking.
  3. FreeWebs personal business, 40MB free Web space, banner top and bottom, allow all ads, upload browser, editor advanced basic WYSIWYG, scripting SSI,  limit of 100 files, bandwidth limit 500+ MB/month, password protected files, 60 day inactivity limit, and FreeWebs.com is he same free webs hosting company as Webs.com
  4. Page Buildr create a free Website no code required. Blogs, sounds, photos, calendars, easy to create your profile, design and pages.
  5. Freeblogit create beautiful websites with ease using WordPress platform 3.0 engines. Select from a large variety of themes.
  6. CJB.net offers free Web Hosting and image hosting with 100MB of Web space, no transfer limit, and no advertisements.
  7. Bravenet easy site builder, hosting and Web application.

The African Portal Bloggers:

  1.  Akopo open your blog free classified in Kerawa.com. You can post free ads in any of the 53 African countries.

Spanish Bloggers:

  1.  Bitacoras is all in Spanish and designed for the Spanish community of Bloggers.
  2. blog.com.es is all in Spanish and designed for the Spanish community of Bloggers
  3. Blogia is a Spanish Blog Hosting designed for the Spanish Community of Bloggers
  4. Bloginom is a Spanish Blog Hosting designed for the Spanish Blogging community
  5. Blogs.ya.com is a Spanish blog hosting company designed for the Spanish Blogger

Polish Bloggers:

  1.  Premium.pl is all in Polish and designed for the Polish community of Bloggers
  2. Blog.pl is a Polish free blog site designed for the Polish community of Bloggers.
  3. Bloog.pl is a Polish blog hosting company for the Polish Blogging community

German Bloggers:

  1.  Blog.de is all in German and designed for the German community of Bloggers
  2. Blog.hiphop.de is a German blog for music, photos and the German community of Bloggers
  3. Blogger.de is a German blog hosting site designed for the German Blogging community
  4. Blogigo.de is a German blog hosting designed for the German Blogging community
  5. Blogr is a German blog hosting company designed for German Bloggers
  6. Blogs.fu-berlin.de is a German blog for theUniversity ofBerlin

French Bloggers:

  1.  Blog.fr is all in French and designed for the French community of Bloggers.
  2. Blog4ever is a French blog hosting designed for the French community of Bloggers.
  3. Bloghotel.org is a French blog hosting company for the French Community of Bloggers.
  4. Blogoweb is a French Blog hosting company designed for the French Blogging community

Russian Bloggers:

  1.  Blog.ru is all in Russian and designed for the Russian community of Bloggers
  2. Blog.tut.bv is a Russian blog designed for the Russian Blogging community
  3. QIP.ru is a Russian blog hosting designed for the Russian blogging community

Italian Bloggers:

  1.  Blogpolitik.it is a Italian blog hosting company designed for Italian Bloggers

Finnish Bloggers:

  1.  blogs.fi is a blog hosting company for the Finnish Bloggers

Social Networks and Blogs

  1.  MyWebProfile.com offers social networking, free profile pages, a way to keep in touch with your friends, and free Blogs
  2. Friendster play games make friends; enjoy rewards, social media blogging.

Revenue sharing Blog

  1.  Cooptopis best place to publish, learn and make money. This Blog Hosting is experimenting with a different concept of revenue sharing and publishing different types of content. You can write articles about themes that you are interested in, just submit what others created, ask or answer questions, compare products, and publish product reviews, make best of mixed RSS feeds lists and much more.

Free Domain Name:

  1.  Dot.Tk renaming the Internet. Rename a long web address URL into a real domain name.

Blogger Search Looking for Bloggers:

  1.  Bloggercrab.com is for blogging information, looking for bloggers, and top sites for bloggers.

Listing of other Blog Hosting and Social Media:

  1.  Knol share what you know and write a knoll.
  2. Squidoo publish gorgeous web pages about all your favorite things.
  3. Webs make a free professional looking Website today
  4. Gather join the conversation thousands of writers share news and commentary everyday.
  5. DiaryLand is a community of bloggers and diarists. DiaryLand provides the tools that let you keep an online diary or blog, red and connect with other people
  6. HubPages is a writer network. Publish easily, attract reader, and earn rewards. HubPages help everyday experts publish and earn.
  7. BigADDA shopping and social networking
  8. BlogSkinny social media Blogging with 33.826 Blogger registered
  9. Blog Websites free Blog Web Hosting
  10. Blurty create your own Blurty journal and instantly become part of one of the fastest growing communities on the Web.
  11. Freflux.net gets your own Flux CMS for free. Based on Open Source technology
  12. SOSblogs.com simply creates a blog or creates a free multi blog on sosblogs.com. A multi blog is a blog wherein many blogs can be created.
  13. Tablas is a journal hosting and photo sharing site
  14. Terapad.com make a Website, try it for free, all the latest Web 2.0 features
  15. Upsaid aims to set a new standard in hosted Web Journaling services.
  16. Jigsy the easy website builder
  17. BlogEasy free Web hosting and free blog
  18. Blogono.com just another Blogono.com weblog
  19. Blog Studio a fast, free, simple and reliable blogging service and host that breaks new ground
  20. Blog Text simple blogging simple photo albums
  21. Netcipia monetize your expertise online
  22. WikyBlog own your own Wiki Blog a groupware platform fuses the collaborative editing features of wikis with the user friendly publishing
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