Tired of Being a Sucker for Success?

Posted on July 1, 2011


Are you new to Internet marketing? Want to be like everyone else and make a killing on Internet? Do you want the easy way out, the fast money, the big promises, earn millions over night? Well let me tell you this is not going to happen unless you are one of the thousands of scam artists out there selling you a worthless dream.

 When you are new to the Internet and trying to find your way around the vouchers are there to help you along. They prey on the innocence, naive and unsuspecting person. They offer you rich talk and easy ways to make your millions over night. Each one of their systems is the best; they show you statements with earning in unbelievable numbers. 

 What does this mean? They are preying on you and this is how they are making millions each day. As you purchase their wonderful system, invest in their program, books, and video you are lining their pockets with your money. It is not you getting rich it’s them.

 How does this work?

 Negative sales pitch. Extremely long videos explaining the system but not telling you anything that is useful before you invest. You view their ClickBank; statements with hundreds of thousand of dollars on them. They show you other affiliate statements that bring in large sums of cash to their accounts.

 During their presentation they ask you to leave, saying this system is not for you if you can not handle success. You sit and watch the entire video which normally takes up 45 minutes of your time. The hook is the first initial investment. A small investment of $47, to get you interest and want to purchase. This price seems fair to pay considering in less than 30 minutes you can make $1.000 in pure profits.

 The Hook

 After your initial investment is paid you are redirected to your download page. But there is no download page, it is another sales pages. The download page is another video, more sales copy, and more offers that you are to invest in. You watch again another presentation and decide that this is logical and invest again in the upgrade to this product. You feel you need more help and this investment is worth the price they are asking.

 After the second investment you are excited and ready to get started. You are in a hurry to download their software package. After payment you are direct again to their site. Here you do not find your download only another video with more offers. Each time you pay they sucker you each time. They now have collected from you close to $500 of your money and you still do not have a product.

 Another payment leads to another offer. This is a never ending cycle to keep you paying them money and you still are no closer to your download than when you started off. If you try to exit out of the page or decline this offer you are redirect again to another page offering you to test this for only $1. If you decline again they try one last time to get you to pay for this product. Promising you can test it for 60 days and at the end of this period they will charge your account.

 If you try to exit their pages a pop up screen appear. You are asked to not exit the page by pressing the cancel button. If you decide to exit and press the OK button you are redirect again to another sales page. You are in a never ending loop of redirects if you want to exit out of their sales pages and arrive at your download page.

 Seeing your investment

 Once arriving at the download page you find there is no download for you. There is no software to download and only online video for you to watch. During the video presentation they start to explain their product. It is not an automatic software package that helps to generate income. It is a fancy search engine they have created and put online to generate leads.

 The software package they have offered you is similar to any search engine. You type in your keyword, and hit their search button. The search engine they have created inside their system displays websites URL on your screen. You are to take one of the URL that has been generated and view the WebPages. In doing do this leads to more money out of your pocket. You now are instructed to sign up for an account with this website in order to place your advertisement on their WebPages.

 Realization of what you invested in

 You have just invested $47 for your software package, another $197 to $297 for your upgrade and added income booster to double your profits, $47 for your special coaching, $37 for your traffic generator, and $47 each month for your special webinars and online coaching. Total investment of $328 to $428 on a sure fire guarantee to make you thousands of dollars each day.

 The 6 click easy to use software package that can be installed on your computer turns out to be an online package that has to be run from a member’s login page on their server. You are left with no instructions but some online video which can not explain to you how to do all this. You spend your time watching them only to be pitched to again. Saying that now you should invest in yet another product in order to make this one work.

 How to avoid these scams

 Any person offering you an over night money making system that runs on auto pilot when you sleep is one clue that you are being scammed. There is no software package in the world that can tap into the millions of dollars off the Internet. Especially if you are seeing affiliate accounts statements being shown to you during their presentation.

 What these people do is pay for advertising on different websites and hope the website visitors will click on their ads. When the ads are clicked on and the visitor adds his email address or zip code you are paid a small price for each successful lead generated by your paid ad. Yes they are making money on their ads but only when a person enters their account information. They are also spending tons of money on advertising, setting up accounts on websites, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They are paying each time a person clicks on their ad in hopes they will submit their zip code or email address and you can be paid. Each one of the account they set up has to be paid for each time it is clicked on..

 If a person clicks on their ad and decides this is not for them, they do not enter their email address or zip code to proceed to the next page you pay for the click. If you are lucky maybe one out of every 300 people will add their zip code or email address and you can earn a small commission on your ad. Calculate the price you have decided to pay for click, how much you have accepted to pay each month. Compare this with the amount of money you are earning from the affiliate that this ad belongs to. You will see that in the end you are paying out more money in advertising than you are making each month.

 The affiliate programs they suggest that you use are part of their network. Each time you sign up with one of these affiliate programs they receive a commission on your sales or signup. You account is paying them each month and you are losing money in advertising, investment into their special auto pilot software, and only making a small profit each month on your investment.

 Demanding a refund

 If you have invested in one of these scams demand a refund right away. Do not wait their 60 days to request your refund. Most of these programs are set up through ClickBank. You will receive your statement from ClickBank outlining the amount of money and transaction ID. At the bottom of the statement you have a link to contact ClickBank. Use this link and fill in a complaint on this company. Request a refund right away. Do not wait the time period they have indicated to you. ClickBank is a profession enterprise and will refund you money normally within 2 business days. If you wait the time period they have indicated it will be much harder to get a refund of your funds that were invested. You should not wait more than 48 hours before requesting a refund from ClickBank.

 Avoid being scammed on Internet

 If it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true. There are no get rich quick solutions on the Internet. Following their advice will leave you broke, disappointed, and looking for solutions to gain back the money you have just lost.

 It is possible to make money on the Internet. The get rich quick scams do not work. One scam I saw recently was asking you to set up 50 mini Websites. This requires hosting for each site, domain name, and cost for set up. Each site was to be 4 to 5 pages only. The squeeze page was to attract your clients and obtain email address. The inventor of this scam has an auto.responder which sends out automated emails to your account. He suggests that you use his company and sign up for a free account. Normally these scam arts work in groups using the same technique. You will sign up with one, be introduced through him to another one, and the cycle goes on and on. Soon you are in debt to over 15 of these scam artists selling you get rich quick screams on the Internet.

 Another scam I was introduced to was the Adword scam. Here they teach you had to place ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. You are purchasing pay per click ads and paying these companies so much for each time a visitor clicks on your ad. You are forced to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising to make any money at all. They offer you their sure fire ads and affiliate programs. They provide you with the keywords to add to your ads and suggest to you how much to spend on advertising. Each day you are spending money for advertising and it is possible that you will never make any money at all from these ads.

 It is better if you want to try and have an Internet account to earn some extra income to set up a blog site, try and promote your blog site through guest posting, articles, and networks that are in your niche. For example I have a blog on cooking and Foodbuzz is a wonderful social network that adds to the food blog. You can share with others in your field of interest.

 Once your blog site is starting to establish you may want to test a few joint venture agreements on your blog site. You can promote and sell items that are related to your blog site and earn a commission on the sales. You also have the chance to offer others a place to advertise on your blog. This can bring in an added income. You might want to sign up for Google Adsence and advertise a few ads on your blog. There are also other affiliate networks that you may work through to bring in a small income from your blog.

 Earning a large income from a new blog or website is possible when you first begin but the problem being you will need to take out ads with major search engines to bring traffic to your site. These ads can be very expensive and not produce the results that you are looking for in the long run. Building relationships helps to bring attention to your blog. Any social networking will take time and is not as simple as these scam artists make you believe it is.

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