Step 1 Creating a Blog – Choosing Your Name and Keywords

Posted on June 27, 2011


Today it is easy for anyone to have a blog site. They make set up a snap. You only have to join a website that you want your blog hosted on. But what does this mean. It is hard for us to even understand what a blog is let alone sign up for a hosting company. We have no idea what a hosting company is and how it works.

 When I was first introduced to blogging I had no idea what it even was, how it worked, how to find a hosting company, and let alone what it was for. It was my children who decided this was the perfect hobby for me and created this account. If it was left up me after learning some of what I know now I think I would never have had an account anywhere. There are too many to choose from and I have no idea which one is better. Too many choices leave me confused even more.

 I am going to try and make it a little easier for anyone my age to set up a blog site. This one will not be easy at all but maybe you can have a better understanding of how to do it. I feel before we can even create an account we need to have an idea of what we want to talk about. What we love to do and have compassion to share with others.

 When my daughter decided to make a blog site for me she spent hours asking me question. Wanting to know answer to things I had no idea on at all. She said to me I need a name for my blog site. I had to be unique and choose a region to talk about. What did all this mean to me? I gave her some names I thought might be good. But she said to me Mom you are missing the point. Who will want to read about Grandma inTexasif you tell them your blog is inChicago. Just trying to understand how to create a name for my blog left me frustrated and I had not even started.

 The next question left me baffled. What are my keywords I want to use? I asked her to explain this one to me. She tried so hard. Finally she said to me what are you talking about. I answered her I want to talk about my Great Grandmas’ recipes, her home remedies, about food in general, and how people should learn how to cook and not use a microwave. She said see you can do this one. You just told me what your keywords are.

 I think keywords are topic and should be thought of as this. I have recipes that my Grandma handed down in our family through generation. I have her notes on home remedies that she used to help people inTexaswhen they were sick. I have some of her award winning fair recipes that she won her blue ribbon with. If I had known that keywords meant all this it would have been easier for me to answer my daughter’s questions.

 Steps in setting up a blog site

 Step 1:

 What special talents do you have to offer and would like to share. I feel that we are getting older and need to leave our knowledge here for other to learn from us. I for one am not a talented artist, I can not use power tools to build with, I do not go fishing, and I do not repair shoes. But I can cook, sew, use other peoples junk and create treasure that people love, I can knit, crochet, embroider, and do plastic canvas.

 We all have our special talents as a senior now we are retired there is more time to do what we love the most. I know there are many of you out there that love to garden, play golf, go fishing, travel, read novels, and tinker in your garages. These are all special talents and interest to all of us. As senior citizen we need to share what we love the most. In telling others what we do the best and explaining it in our own words we leave the younger generation a part of us when we are gone.

 How many times have you heard from your children when their grandparents passed away that they had wished they had taken the time to learn how to do this or that from them. I heard this from my own children. But once they are gone so are all their special talents. Blogging gives us a chance to share these talents with others.

 Step 2:

 What do you want to call your blog site? You see out there so many names and the list keeps growing everyday. We need to think about what we want to call our blog site. I consider this like writing a book. I want a title for my new book. I want to think of a snappy title that people will remember, laugh at, and feel good when they read it. Take your time to consider what you want to call your blog site.

 Step 3:

 This one gets a little harder. You are going to have to think of words that describe what you want to write about. You have to come up with all words that tell people what you do. This one can take a lot of time to think on this. I have read a good idea on how to do this. You take a piece of paper, in the middle of the paper you write your subject such as cooking, sewing, fishing, camping, or what ever you want to talk about. Now from there you start to write words that relate to this subject.

 For example we will take fishing and will try to find all the words that relate to fishing. I am not a fisherman and I do not go fishing as a hobby. But I do know a few things about fishing because my husband loves to fish.

 Here is my list of what I think about fishing:

  1. Fishing poles
  2. Fresh water fishing poles
  3. Deep sea fishing poles
  4. Tackle boxes
  5. Weights
  6. Fish hooks
  7. Fishing line
  8. Fishing Nylon
  9. Fishing license
  10. Lures
  11. Knife
  12. Spear Guns
  13. Fishing Nets
  14. Bait boxes

 I am sure if I was a fisherman I would have had a much larger list than this. But I think you understand what I mean to think of words that relate to the subject we want to talk about. We are not done yet. This one is just starting. We now have to narrow down this list and choose from this list what we want to talk about. Fishing to me seems like such a broad subject. What my husband loves the most is lake and fresh water fishing. So now we will work with this only.

 Step 4:

 In this step we are gong to do the same as we did in finding words that describe fishing. From our first list we are going to take off everything that does not do with fresh water or lake fishing like deep sea fishing poles.

 Now choose 4 of your words to work with. These 4 words can be anything that you wish them to be. I know there are a lot of words in your list but you have to start to narrow them down just a little. We need to make the list smaller but in doing so we can also use our other words in our list. I finally figured this one out. Let me show you how to do this one.

 Again take a new piece of paper. In the center of the paper you can draw a big circle or box if you like around these words. Add your first 4 choices to this box. Now we will create all the phrases that come to mind with these choices. The phrases can be for 4 to 8 words. We should try and keep them short from what I have read. We do not want to make sentences out of our words. This exercise is a way to learn how to describe our words better.

 Here I will try and show you this. I have been practicing with my own blog site and trying to understand this one better. It was my daughter who picked my words for me and decided on them. I never understood how she did this and so I researched for days on this. Now I can understand how this one works.

 The 4 words from my fishing lists that I consider the most important are; fresh water fishing poles, tackle boxes, lures, and knifes. I will enter these words in the box in the center of my page. Now from this box I need to describe these words in more detail and make small phrases from them.

 Here are some of my phrases for:

Fresh water fishing poles

  1.  Fishing rods
  2. Rods and reels combos
  3. Rods and reels care
  4. Graphite fishing rods
  5. Serious fishing rods
  6. Lightweight, sensitive and very responsive
  7. High-grade IM-6 graphite blanks
  8. Aluminum oxide guides
  9. Quality graphite reel seat
  10. Comfortable cork handle

 We need to describe fishing poles in more details. The word fishing pole is too broad and does not give enough of a description on what we want to talk about. In this list we can also list the brand name of the pole if we have a small fishing shop set up after retirement. We can also name a region of where we fish. I know some retired men love to go in groups fishing. You have one place you love to fish, some love to travel to other states to go fishing, some like to enter into competitions for fishing.

 The reason for this exercise is to consider how others would look up fresh water fishing poles if they were searching on Google. We are trying to have more of an idea of how to find what we want to talk about. The key to understand a blog site is to have your key points in what you want to talk about. We can not have such a general idea on the entire world of fishing. The blog site would be way too big and we could not fill it up. A blog site gives us a chance to speak about one subject we are an expert in. Maybe not an expert but something we love and want to share with other.

 Step 5

 This step took me a long time to understand. I could not understand how to make a search for these keywords or phrases. I was lost for a very long time on this one. Then one day I understood it. It was not so hard to do at all. In Google it is easy to find out what you want. Google will allow you to enter these words and phrases and they will tell you how many people search this word or phrase each day and each month. The only thing that you have to learn is how to understand is the way it is displayed.

 This is Google Adword search page that will allow you to find your keywords. It is not that hard to use. Follow this link

 Once you are connected to Google you will see a small box asking you to enter your keywords you want to find. In the box types in the code displayed and enter. Google will search their database and display your results. Let us try to search on graphite fishing rods and see how many people search this each day.

 The search results displayed graphite fishing rod blanks Google monthly searches is 110 and their local monthly search is 73. What this means people do not search for graphite fishing rods. Only a small handful of people consider this term to search for when looking for graphite fishing rods. We might consider to not use this as one of our keywords.

 If we look at the list I see fishing rods have 550.000 global monthly searches is 550.000 and local monthly searches is 246.000. If you look down the list fishing rod has 673.000 global monthly searches and 301.000 local monthly searches. This means when people search for graphite fishing rods they just enter the term fishing rod or fishing rods in the search pages of Google.

 In trying to modify our list and use one of our key terms we see that fishing rod or fishing rods is highly searched on. Now in Google I typed in fishing rod and I see there are 12,900.000 results for this term. That means in blogs or website people are using fishing rod as one of there keywords. This is a good keyword for you to use but we need to modify it. One way to modify it is by using a brand name with this keyword. I see in my search that one person has used fishing rod but he put the word sea before fishing rods. This way he is selling sea fishing rods. We can also do this by lake fishing rods, or freshwater fishing rods. If you have one pole you swear by and use all the time such as Carptek Margin poles you can use this as your keyword. You can say Carptek margin fishing rod. This way you are describing the fishing rod in more details.


 If we want to set up a blog site we need to consider the name of the blog site first. This one can take time to come up with a catch name. My daughter decided to call the blog site she set up for me Grandma Simpson’s kitchen in Roby Texas. She said this tells people what this is all about. It is about my Grandma, kitchen describes one of the keywords she decided on, and Roby Texas is a region of where the blog site is from.

 Next we have to decide on what words we can use to describe what we are doing. These are one word or two word descriptions. These words are the keywords that we will need to use and repeat when we write our text or content for our blog site. On fishing this one can be easy. You can speak of a certain weight, how much to use, a certain pole, and a certain technique. Each time you write your keywords are embedded into your content.

 This can work the same with gardening. If you are planting a vegetable garden, organic garden, roses, flowers, herb garden. You have a vide variety of words that you can use to describe what you are doing.  This is the first step that needs to be taken before you ever create an account and start blogging. I am in hope this makes it a little easier for everyone to understand how to choose your blog title and your words to describe what you are talking about.

 It is too hard to try and explain all that needs to be done in setting up a blog in one paper. I will talk next on how to choose your host or what we might call a place for your blog to be seen on. This one is also confusing there are so many people or website now offering hosting for blog and they are all free. Some are paid but for us we do not need to pay for a blog site. We are leaving behind our legacy for others to read when we are gone. We are sharing our compassion with the world and uniting together as seniors in the world of blogging. Please come back and visit soon I will start working on the next topic for helping you decide how to choose your hosting company to open your blog on.

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