Digging Deeper into Internet Search and Search Engines

Posted on June 18, 2011


I still feel that we need more details on what an Internet Search is and what is a Search Engine. What exactly does it mean Internet Search? Internet search is not actually searching it is more researching. The research using Internet can provide you with instant information on most topics. Today the Internet has a profound impact on the way ideas are formed and knowledge is created.

 When we need to know about a certain topic we have the chance now to find it on the Internet or other words the Web. Today as the Internet grows so does the availability of information stored on it. Everything we need today seems to be found on the Internet. More people are using the Internet to research on than ever before.

 Common usage of the Internet include research for personal information, on a specific subject, students researching papers for school, on-line courses for students, journalist researching stories, and writers researching information for their new books. Today it is even possible to locate a person on the Internet and find their phone number. Not all phone numbers are publicly accessible and some services require you pay a fee in order to obtain the phone number.

 What does the Internet offer us?

 The Internet makes it easier for us to find the Information we need. Before books became outdated and the information took a long time to update. Today it is easier for people to keep the Internet up to date and the information current. When we find our information on the Internet we may print out the information that we need. In books it is much harder to try and make a copy of the pages we need and the information we want.

 Mail delivery has taken on a whole new aspect with Internet. In past years it took us weeks to wait for the letter to be delivered to our door steps. Today with Email we have instant access to letters as soon as they are sent. Email alone has sped up the process of communication. Today businesses relay heavily on Internet to confirm orders, send out billing, reach new clients, and the possibilities goes on. 

In the new world of Internet is the information accurate? How can we trust everything that we read on the Internet? This seems to be the biggest issue now. More and more people are creating on line accounts from Websites to Blogs. We have no idea if what we are reading is from an expert in his field or a young child who has discovered how easy it is to create an account and sell his information to you on line.

How reliable is the information we find on Internet?

In my research into the understanding how the Internet works I have found more 16 to 25 year olds who have Blog sites on the Internet trying to sell you how to make easy money each month. How can a child be an authority on the Internet and especially on how to make money? This one is simple they have time to spend on searching through all the Websites and Blog out there seeing what others have done.  

 I have found so much conflicting information on the Internet it is hard to decide what to actually believe or not. Each young child starting at the age of 15 has found the power of making money on line. Now young children have the possibility of making a Blog site and selling you their ideas.

 The young today are more computers oriented than we are. They have the time to spend to see what others have done. The young have found ways to copy or what they call pirate information that is available on the Internet.  Our young today have fewer values than did our children. I feel that the problem is the lack of an adult figure in the home. Today both parents are forced to work to pay the bills each month. Single family incomes are a thing of the past.

 How to protect ourselves from being scammed?

 One of the most important issues I have discovered during my research into the Internet is the value of Blogs and Websites. In the past few weeks I have entered and looked at thousands of these Websites and Blogs on the Internet today. I find that some Blogs and Websites are so cozy. They are easy to understand and make you feel welcome when you go there. Others are bold, not friendly, and go on forever making you scroll down through useless text to arrive at a buy this now from me. When you try to exit these sites a message arrives asking you to cancel and takes you to another page offering again their junk to sell you.

 The messages and text I see in these pages can be read word for word from other sites on the Internet. They normally are very plain, have very large bold black text, they use lots of red text to get their points across, and have many boxes inside offering to sell you this item. They seem to love to quote other people to make you believe what they have to offer you are worth your investment.

 My advice to you is run. Do not stay on a Website or Blog where all you see is text on white pages. The text is large, bold, and tries to convince you they have the best ideas, product, and way to make you rich. When you happen to find one of these pages close it right away. I have been taking notes on these sites and have found out that when I search for information they seem to come up first. I think this is what they call top ranking. But we will get into this one later on.

 What is a Search Engine?

 We now have a small understanding of what the Internet is, how it came about, what a website is and what a blog is. Now my next question in understanding this new world is what is a search engine? How do they work?

 Basically I have found out a search engine is only a software program such as we would use to write documents with. But this program is much more powerful and can do a lot more than we can alone here on our small computers. The software program searches their own computers or what they have stored on their computers called databases. Databases are the same for us as our files systems that we make to store our papers on.

 We need to think on a very large scale and this one is hard to do. Let us imagine a complete office building that has nothing but computers in there running 24 hours a day and never stopping. Inside each one of these computers is information that people have entered about websites. Each piece of information has to be hand entered into these computers and stored.

 A special program was written to find all this information. One program can go from one computer to another and search the databases to locate this information. This is very complicated and complex and hard to imagine that anyone program can do all this. But I feel if we can understand just the basic idea this is more than we knew before.

 How do Search Engines Work?

 Search engines are not simple. They are very complicated and incredible details have to be considered when creating a search engine. Search engines are updated constantly by a methodology process. Search engines all follow the basic process when conducting a search. Different search engines display different search results. Basic idea of how a search engine works:

  •  The searchers which is you, type in a question or also called a query into the search engine
  • The search engine software has to sort through millions of pages in their database in record time to find matches to our query
  • The results the search engine find are ranked in order of importance or relevancy

 What are some of the more popular search engines people use today?

 There is more search engines that we need to know about.  I think if we understand the top search engines people use today this should be enough.

  •  20 Search
  • All the Web
  • Alta Vista
  • AOL Search
  • Ask Jeeves
  • Dogpile
  • EBAY
  • Excite
  • Gigablast
  • Google
  • IWON
  • Joeant
  • Lycos
  • Mamma
  • MSN Search
  • Netscape
  • Open Directory
  • Web Crawler
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo

 I feel that if we can have a basic understand of search engines and how they work this can help us to move forward in using them. When we hit the icon on our screen and go to the Internet the first page we see is one of these search engines. It is set up when we first buy our computer. Normally we have no idea how to do this and someone has asked us what we use for our email. They have already set up our search engine home page.

 We need this home page to find our email account, search on the internet for answer, helping us find websites and blogs. In a search engine we can type in different question that we want the answer for and the search engine will display results on the screen for us. Depending on the question that we enter is the results the search engine will display for us.

 Next time I will try and explain some useful search techniques we can use. When we search the Internet so much is displayed for us. There is a lot of information that we do not need and it is time consuming to try and figure it all out. I am learning how to narrow down these searches to find more relevant information to use.

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