What is a Website? What is a Blog?

Posted on June 17, 2011


Today I want to explore the difference between a Website and a Blog Site. We hear both these terms so much now. So what does this mean? We know that they are both on the Internet but how can we know if it’s a Blog site or a Website we are looking at now?

 The definition of a Website is related collections of World Wide Web (WWW) files. The file includes a home page or Index Page and an address to this page. This address directs you to the Website. Website address follows a standard format: www.sitename.com. Website extensions are com, net, org or other extension after the name of the Website.

 World Wide Web pages are the same or similar to a book. They need to follow a format to make it easy to read them and find the information inside. You need to have a starting point. The first page of the Website is this starting point. It is the same as opening a book for the first time. It is the same as a cover of a novel or any other book. The introduction or opening of a Website leads you to the Index Page.

 Websites are informational and do not interact with you. They are designed to find information in a book style format. When using a Website you are directed through the pages with links or navigation buttons. Each button names describes the content you will find when you click on it. By placing your cursor on one of these bars and clicking on it opens the page that you have requested.

 For us a simple term of a website is a collection of electronic pages that link together. The pages interactivity generates a sense of ownership and participation in the user. Website binds the person viewing them to the information inside much moré tightly than reading a standard brochure.

 Why Do People Visit Websites?

 One reason people turn to the Internet is for information. People need answers and the Internet provides the answers we are seeking. People come now to the Internet where before they would go to the library and spend hours searching through books. Information is stored on the Internet and can be accessed through search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

 Second people search the Internet comparison shopping. People search Internet looking for products and services. Each website they visit they compare it to the previous one. The Internet is the new wave in shopping and comparing companies. If looking for a certain product we can search on the Internet to locate this product. We have instant access to the directory in our area and what store carries the product we are looking for. This saves us a lot of time driving around from store to store searching for what we want.

 What makes us feel good when we visit a website?

 Now that I am entering the world of Google and searching on the Internet I have seen many different Websites. One thing that I do not like is the websites that are full of advertising, hard to find the information I am looking for, and take me from one page to another and I never find what I am looking for.

 I like websites that are easy to use. Have an easy indexing on the first page. When I chose one of the link buttons I am taken to what I am looking for. I do not like it when there is all these boxes popping up in my face and I can not figure out how to close them.

 What I find now the older websites who have been on the Internet for years are easier to use than the new one. Now it seems that young people are so interested in their flash designs and pop up banners it make it very disagreeable for older people to find what they are looking for.

Call me old fashion if you like but when I come across a website that is very dark it is hard for me to read it. I do not like the dark colors and I feel like black should not be used when designing a website. It is distracting and very hard to read the information I am looking for.

 I also do not like websites that are full of ads wanting me to buy something from them. They feel that they can make money off these websites by having them full of advertising. I feel this takes away from the website and the trust that I have in them. I think if they want to sell me something they should have a shopping page and I can go there and buy what I want. I feel that when I come to the site looking for information I should find what I am looking for.

 What is a Blog?

 A Blog is a website that contains entries that are written and displayed in reverse order. Blogs are weblogs where people create entries such as a journal for others to read. Blog can be entertaining, informational, and personal. Normally when someone creates a blog it is to be shared with others. They want their thoughts to be read by others and commented on. Blogs allow you to comment on what the person has said.

 Blogging seems to have a language all its own. When we hear the term Blogging this is the act of writing a post. The post is what we read when we enter the blog site. The term Blogger refers to the person writing the content for the blog. Such as what you might call me now. I am entering the world of blogging and becoming a blogger. The term Blogsphere refers to the community of blogs and bloggers.

 What was it like before Blogging came about?

 In my last post I gave you a small history on how the Internet came about. We will go back 20 years before bloggers came into existence. The Internet was designed as an informational tool with a one sided conversation in mind. As time passed the Internet started to evolve and become interactive with the introduction to transaction based websites. These sites offered on line shopping for our convenience. But the world of Internet remained one sided.

The creation or evolution of Web 2.0 changed the Internet for good. The new social web allowed people to generate content that would interact with others. Today this is part of the online world of Internet. Everyone now expects to find a website that offers conversation and a place they can interact with. People need conversation and that was how Blogs were born.

 The earliest blog started around the 1990’s where people could create online journals of their personal lives. They could record a diary about their lives and the opportunities they were seeking. The diary posts were recorded and listed in reverse order. Today this has not changed. Blogs still record older entries in a scroll down fashion. The newer entries appear first on the page.

 As Blogs started to take on popularity they demanded interaction. People wanted to leave comments for the person to read. This created a two way conversation as we know it today. With the advantage of new technology readers started taking advantage of these features. It allowed them to leave comments, link to other blog posts, and websites. This enhanced the communication and popularity of blogs.

 What does this mean to us?

 Internet is growing each day. We need to keep up with this technology. Now that the Internet is a social network and is gaining in popularity each day. At our age we do not travel as before, some of us are homebound taking care of a loved one, and others just do not drive like they did before. Our change of meeting other is limited.  Blogs can open a new world for us as Senior Citizens. We can find and share important information. We can form a social network all our own.

 The younger generation is finding social binding and information through blogging. Businesses are starting to see the importance of blogging and the power of bloggers as online influences. Today it is easy for anyone to start a blog. There is so many free applications out there that let us create a blog for free. Why should we leave all this blogging to the young? We should all learn how to blog at our age so we can communicate and become part of society again.

 I feel that Senior Citizens have a lot to say. We have a lot to offer each other and to the younger generation if they would just take the time to listen to us. I know that my children are spread all over and do not communicate much with me anymore. I feel that a blog could bring families together once again. We can share with others our knowledge on cooking, gardening, sewing, and so many other wonderful things we have done all our lives.

 I would like to share with you all my knowledge I am finding out each day on this new world of Internet. This is my journal for all who want to learn from me. I would like to introduce all of you to the terms that we hear and what they mean. As i find out what each step is in blogging and each new term I discover I will write about it here. So please come back again and read some more.

 I like you have so much to learn and understand. I have no idea if this blog will ever reach anyone. I have no idea what SEO is and how to do all they inform us that is necessary for people to read this blog. I know that my brilliant daughter has signed me up for many social networks that I am still trying to figure out. But as the days pass I promise you we can enter this cyber space together and learn as a group.


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