Starting To Understand Internet and What It Is

Posted on June 13, 2011


Since 1969 there have been many disputes how the Internet was started. What was the first Internet? How did it work? These and so many more questions that have left a lot of questions unanswered. Is it really important who actually started the Internet? What we all know 1992 to 1993 the Internet took on world wide interest.

 Now the question is what is the Internet? It seems that everyone is talking about the Internet these days. How does it work? How can you access the Internet? But the real question that we all should be asking what can it do for me?

What is the Internet and how does it work?

 Everyone claims the Internet is fairly simple to use. To someone who has no understanding of computer and what Internet means it is not as simple as they say it is. Older folks like me are trying to find out what the Internet is and how it can benefit us. We are now use email and most of us have an account. But as far as we know this is Internet and all there is.

 The Internet is a worldwide collection of computer networks, working with each other to exchange information and data. The Internet operates on a common software standard. Through the use of telephone wires and satellite links we can share information in a variety of forms. So what does this mean?

What is a computer network?

 Computer networks are broken down into categories. Classification of networks; according to the hardware and software technology; are used to define what type of network being used.

  • Wired Technologies  

              •     Twisted Pair    

              •     Coaxial Cable    

              •     Optical Fiber

  • Wireless Technology

              •     Terrestrial Microwave

              •     Communication Satellites

              •     Cellular and PCS Systems

              •     Wireless LANs

             •     Infrared Communication

  • Scale

              •     Local Area Network (LAN)

              •     Wide Area Network (WAN)

              •     Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

              •     Personal Area Network (PAN)

              •     Virtual Private Network (VPN)

              •     Campus Area Network (CAN)

              •     Storage Area Network (SAN)

              •     Controller Area Network (CAN)

  • Network Technology

              •     Bus Network

              •     Star Network

              •     Ring Network

              •     Mesh Network

  • Internetwork
  • Backbone Network
  • Global Area Network
  • Internet
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Overlay Network
  • Network Interface Cards

              •     Network Card

              •     Computer Hardware

             •     Mac Addresses

  • Repeaters
  • Bridges
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Firewalls

 There is so much networks out there does this really need to concern us how they work? I do not think it is all that important. Our focus is on the Internet and how we can learn how to use it. What it is and how it can teach us how to blog and become a useful part of society again at our age.

 What is a Search Engine?

We need to know what a Search Engine is and how to use it. Google is one of the top search engines. In the search bar is where we can ask a question. The search buttons will give us our results. Google is easy and we do not have to be too smart to type in any question in the world and find our answers to them.

In simple terms Google lets us find the answer to our questions. It helps us to locate information. If we ask a question Google will go out there in the Internet and find Websites who might help us with our questions. Let us try a simple search now.

Ask Google a question. “How to blog” and hit the search key. The search results are displayed in blue. We see there is many sites that offer us advice on blogging. Each one of these blue lines is called a Website link. We only have to click on one of them and we are connected to the Website. Searching for our answers can be very simple But once we find all these Websites how do we know what to do?

 How to use the search results

We should not be concerned so much with how all this as found. It would take way too many years for all of us to understand all this. What we should know is how to use what we have asked Google to find for us. We asked a question and now we see a lot of answers in blue to our question.

 Pick one of your results; by placing your cursor on the blue line; and clicking on it. This displays a Website. Now in order to use this we have to understand how to read it. Or what they call navigate through the pages. It is almost like a book. The first page is an index. In the index they have pages or chapters as we would call them. The chapters in this Index are:

  •  Try the template design
  • Quick Tour
  • Video Tour
  • Blogger Buzz
  • Features
  • Buzz
  • HelpCenter
  • Developers
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy
  • Content Policy

 The reason these are pages they are all highlighted in blue. They will open the page when clicked on the name in blue. People call this linking. I am still learning linking and will talk about that one a little later on. But for now we need to know how to find what we are looking for and once we found it how to read it and use it.

Here I hope that we can now understand Internet a little easier. What we basically need to know is how to ask it a question. Enter our question and receive our answer. Once the answers are presented to us we chose one and open the Website. This is the same as opening a book for the first time. Inside the Website is the Index this is our first page. This tells us what is inside the WebPages.

 Next time I will try and help you understand the difference between a Blog site and a Website. What is a Blog? Each new day brings on a new understanding to the Internet and what we can do with it. As Senior Citizens I feel it is important that we understand the Internet and how it can help us now. I feel that we have a lot of knowledge to share and this is one way to do it.

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