The Journey Begins

Posted on June 12, 2011


The Journey Begins

 The quest begins just like learning to crawl for the first time. We had to crawl before we could ever walk. That is what this journey feels like to me. Back to basics and learning from the beginning how to take my first step.

 Starting off with the evaluation of computers, the beginning of the internet, all the way to where we are today. What makes this so popular? Why is this so important? What makes the young run to Twitter and Facebook?  Why when you get old are we left out?

 Does this not feel like the first time back in the 40’s when they introduced all the new dances. We thought we were so cool back then. Now if you use the word cool today everyone looks at us like we have lost it.

 Now we need to use the words such as Facebook, Twitter, Tweet, Retweets, Blogs, and who know what else. If we do not know how to use these networks we are left behind. But do the young ever consider that even though we are old we can still learn?

 Are we going to be left out of the inner circle for the rest of our lives? Will anyone at my age ever make a go at blogging? Do you not realize that we might be old but we do have a lot to say! We should be taken seriously instead of being put out to pasture in some old retirement community. We are not done living yet and we will conquer this new technology. It might take us longer but we can do it.

 How did this all start?

 Where in the world did the computer come from? How did it grow to be so popular in such a short time? Imagine today we can communicate across lands with a push of a button. Why?

  •  1936

 It started in 1936 inGermany. A man named Zuse needed to do mathematical calculations at a much faster rate. He needed a way to store his finding so that he could use them. This came the beginning of the age of computing. Zuse created the Z1 first binary computer that used floating-point arithmetic. He had a high-capacity memory and modules or relays operations on the yes/no principle.

  •  1941

 In 1941 Zuse completed his third computer the Z3. This was the world’s first electronic, fully programmable digital computer. The Z3 computer was based on binary floating-point number and switching system.

 The block structure of the Z3 consisted of separate units, punch tape reader, control unit, floating point arithmetic unit, and input/output device. The computer structure of he Z3 is similar to today’s modern computer.

  •  1942

 The American Professor John Atanasoff was the first to patent the digital computer, The first patented computer was the ENIAC. The computer represented several innovations in computing. The binary system of arithmetic, parallel processing, regenerative memory, and a separation of memory and computing functions. Historians now say that Atanasoff-Berry computer was the first.

  •  Bug and Debug

 We hear these terms used so much these days. But where did they originate from? Back in 1942 the first original computer bug was a moth in the Mark I which caused a hardware fault in the system. It wasHooverwho ‘debugs’ the first computer. Finding the moth and taking it out. But today the word bug and debug take on a new meaning.

 The Evolution Begins

 I could go on and site history for you but I am sure it would not be of much interest. What is of interest is how the Internet came into play. How it has evolved into the worlds largest form of communication. In my next quest on this journey is to find out how the internet all started. What brought about the changes in the world as we see it today? How does this technology affect us? How are we where we are today in this new world of communication.

 In the weeks and months to follow I am going to learn about what is an IP address, HTML, Domain names, Domain Hosting to name a few. There is so much out there that we need to know about in order to understanding how to run a Blog site. At our age this new technology and world of 3 to 5 letter words needs a lot of exploring in order for us to understand all we need to know behind this.

Our feeble old minds need to learn to open up once again and soak in all this new information. We need to open up to the world of the Internet to understand what is so interesting to the young that keeps them glued to their computer screens. What we need to learn is how to communicate with our Great Grandchildren now. I am totally lost when my Great Granddaughter starts explaining to me about computers. I am amazed at her ability to use them and understand the terminology behind all this.

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